Wedding flower inspo!

Being a florist, the most exciting thing is getting to work on wedding flowers! It’s such an exciting day for bride and groom and getting to play a part in that is very exciting! Here are some of the most recent ones that have been created from our shop Floral Creations!

I can’t wait to see what we create this year!

Todays Drink

Went with a mix of Spinach, Banana, Cucumber and bootea vanilla shake today all mixed with milk! More veg than fruit giving a healthy green colour and hopefully lessening the sugar content in the drink! The ingredients in the picture are exactly what went in to the nutribullet and then I just add milk, whatever amount appears appropriate! 



So I’ve posted some of this before but, I want to share my whole dissertation on here, I am still so proud of this piece of work and it’s my favourite thing I’ve ever written, please be kind and have a read…


Here are the photographs associated also!

Floral Beauty

As a Florist I spend much of my time working with and looking after flowers, so I spend a lot of time admiring their beauty. These are just a few of my favourite images I’ve taken, showing off the true beauty of nature๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒŸ

Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and me

So I started watching last night. I’ve watched the first episode so far and I can honestly say it was so disturbing. Being that I was only born in 94, I never really witness Jackson at the height of his fame, but I do believe that he was a product of his environment. I’m not excusing what he did, at all, it’s absolutely disgraceful. However, I feel that with Jackson’s own child abuse at the hands of his father, and his strange life, I feel part of him was still a nรคive child and didn’t fully understand what was happening but, I still cannot understand how any man can take advantage of children like that. Such a sad sad legacy to leave and a heartbreaker no programme so far.

New season trends

I know it’s not exactly a new trend, but currently, the animal print trend is so hot. H&m are doing their bit and providing some gorgeous animal print staples. Snake and leopard print are the two most popular and these pieces below are really lovely, pair with a solid bold colour or some classic black pieces and you’re good to go day or night! Go wild!

Christmas Wreath!

Decided this year I wanted a super luxurious spruce wreath for the door. So I’ve used a wreath base from the Irish Green Guys and added their euco, pheasant feathers, mini baubles, limes, cones and lotus heads then topped it off with some gold asparagus! I am so pleased with the result ๐Ÿ˜