Wedding inspo

a friend from work got married on saturday. As we work in a florist we have been talking about her wedding for what seems like forever and so this week, actually prepping for it and then doing it, has been the best fun!!

Its the biggest scale wedding production i’ve seen us do in my six years of the job. Naturally we all chipped in and worked hard but our boss did the most amazing job on it and the bride herself worked so hard! The outcome was beautiful! Honestly the most beautifully decorated and uniquley styled wedding and reception I have seen. The whole day was over run with flowers and floral arrangements and the whole thing suited the bride down to a tee! 

It was like a proper hippy wedding and was so chilled and so filled with love and laughter! Here’s a few of my fave pics from the day! 


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The Effort of Not Wearing Makeup


article-1041224-0228AC4600000578-286_634x942 Makeup brushes are the worst. So. Much. Work.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a skin condition called melasma and an eye disorder called ocular rosacea. What this amounts to is having brown patches of skin, and red bloodshot eyes. It’s fair to say that 2015 has not been a great year for my face.

The melasma has meant I’ve had to coat myself in serums and sunscreen everyday, leading to vampirically pale skin. The rosacea has also meant I’ve had to stop wearing makeup altogether. Of course I can still wear lipstick, but not if I want to kiss my girlfriend often, which I do (this is another femme dilemma for another time). I’ve gone from someone who used to wear smokey eyes at breakfast, to a blankly pale-faced person.

The whole thing has been quite unsettling. But it’s also taught me a few lessons about my relationship to beauty…

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Jurassic World

This is a tad late and I meant to right it ages ago but kept forgetting to! So… I went to see Jurassic World in the cinema a few days after it’s release and to be honest I was beyond excited.

I love the first film a lot, (the next two slightly less) but none the less I was really desperate to see the new one! Quite often when a film is picked up again the new one can be badly recieved, but as this film was a follow on from the origional series, time lines considered, it worked very well!

I really like that the film recognises the old franchise that took place, (note the use of Jeff Goldblums characters book).

The effects in the film are second to none and the dinosaurs are exceptional, some even slightly terrifying. The actors all do a fantastic job and I honestly would recommend the film! Action, romance, effects and nostalgia! All good qualities to look for!! Also Chris Pratt is reason enough to watch ;)