food porn

For anyone out there who is Gluten-Free or mostly GF like me…I made the nicest Gluten-Free meal I have had tonight!

One serving of Tesco GF pasta

Small portion of Quorn Mince (frozen)

Half a red pepper

Tesco GF tomato and Herb sauce

Applewood cheese

(I never measure anything, just go with what looks good)

I just began cooking the mince (in the wok because I’m a student and have no pans) It takes 10-12 minutes, I usually cook it for 12 just to be safe

Mix in the sauce almost as soon as you start the mince, (you can cook the mince first if you wish, I prefer to do it all together)

then I put the pasta on (it’s quicker than the mince)

once both were ready I turned the heat down, chopped up some pepper (red is just my preference) and some chunks of Applewood cheese for a nice smokey flavour.  Then I threw these into the pan (wok) with the mince and sauce and mixed it all in, letting the cheese start to melt

Then drained the pasta and mixed it in too just to get it nicely covered in sauce.

Then served up, honestly this pasta sauce is the best gf thing i’ve tasted, it actually has a lot of flavour! I also like the added smokeyness of the applewood but if it’s not to your taste then regular cheese would work too, for some added gooeyness!

I was very impressed!!


That was slightly more embarrassing than i’d hoped for! Although it wasn’t her fault and she carried on like a pro! Someone will definitely be getting an arse kicking later! oh dear oh dear, let’s hope she isn’t injured because I am desperately holding out for a world tour this year


So the Brits are happening tonight, hosted by Ant and Dec, with many exciting performers but the one I most want to see…Madonna.  After the Grammys I feel that it is okay to look forward to her performance because it wasn’t overly ridiculous and got people talking about it in a good way (mostly) I really love the new song and hopefully it will be another interesting performance.

50 Shades

so…I went to see 50 Shades last week with my best friends..I haven’t read the books so I was going in having no idea what to expect.  Honestly aside from a few awkward lip biting moments on Anastasias part, I actually thought it was a pretty good film! An awful lot of boob on show and more pubic hair than I want to see in a film but generally, quite and endearing romantic storyline (aside from the sexual violence) Jamie Dornan is very aesthetically pleasing and the cars are wow. All in all pretty good, would reccomend.