Bad Neighbors 2

Saw it on friday, honestly such a funny film! If you like the first one you will for sure love this! Laugh out loud funny! Such a well written and acted film, really good laugh provided you like the inappropriate! Would thoroughly recommend 


Rocky Horror Live!

About a month ago i went to see Rocky Horror live in the Grand Opera House in belfast! Was a bit unsure as it’s hard to beat the original cast obviously, but I have to say everyone involved was fantastic!! Well worth going to see if you enjoy the film or maybe if not! I took a friend who’d never seen it and she laughed as much as me! Great fun night out! Very crude and very funny!

The Sublime art of Religious Iconography

 So heres the start of my dissertation final year project. Not sure if all these or any of these will be used but I like them. 

I’m studying the sublime and the destruction of religious iconography so i’m seeking to create a range of photographs which create a feeling of unease and disgust. 

DisneyLand Paris

Well, now i’ve been twice in the past year. Totally awesome. Worthwhile trip for sure, would recommend a few days and definitley a week if you also want to visit Paris! We practically ran around the sights in Paris but to really enjoy it, a few days there would be good! We stayed in a hotel just outside Disneyland (Relais Spa) really beautiful hotel, excellent staff and fantastic facilities! They run their own taxis to and from the park, whenever you want! Fantastic area in Val d’europe, large shopping centre and lots of restaurants and boutiques in the area, lovely place to stay. Would recommend definitley!!