I have been so bad at updating this. In sept 2016, I started studying my level 2 Floristry! Its been mad, college 4 days a week and then work for two. I can honestly say it is an incredibly rewarding and excitin job. I get to express my creativity daily and make people smile by doing so! Here’s just a few of my best creations in college.



University is finally completed!! (Provided my results are okay) and on thursday we had our final year show. I got some great feedback on my work and also some criticism which I expected! I studied a slightly touchy subject and so I understand the images are weird and not all that pleasant but that was the aim!!
My topic was Religious Iconography and the sublime, also touching on gothic theory. So I chose to create a range of photographic images which showed edmund burke’s view of the sublime through distorted religious iconography. The colours relate to the gothic and the subject matter creates a sublime spectacle based on research into the work of Madonna and Lady Gaga. They’re odd but they’re unique and I love them 

Wedding Flower Hotlist

As we break into spring/summer we see a new range of flowers creeping back into shops and into weddings.  The most notable is the peony rose.  A popular favourite among summer weddings each year is the peony rose, with most varieties only becoming available in May, such as ‘Angel cheeks’ which is only available from May until August.   The peony is a very delicate rose which is highly favoured among brides for its delicate beauty and their wide range of pink blush tones.

A popular theme within wedding flowers at the moment is cottage garden.  This theme has grown increasingly popular over the past couple of years particularly through Pinterest which showcases many images and ideas of country garden themed weddings.  The use of twine and bark has become popular too with many brides opting for the more natural beauty within their venue decoration and the flowers fit well into this theme.  The likes of spray roses, hydrangea, lisianthus, ranunculus and scabiosa all help to create a very natural and rustic look, with limonium, astilbe and bouvardia adding a delicate filler of colour.

A quirky way to display some of these around the venue is to have little bunches in milk bottle wrapped with twine, or perhaps jam jars wrapped in bark.  Even just an assortment of little jars and pots placed sporadically around a venue.  Flowers really help to liven up a venue and make a room feel more exciting and more romantic, (provided you aren’t suffering with hay fever of course!).

Something else to consider is flowers to great the guests as they enter, an archway can be costly but a lovely idea for this could include flowers and foliage from your very own garden! A floral arch could be created from eucalyptus, ivy and fern with things like honeysuckle and stock put in to add bursts of colour and a beautiful scent.  This creates a lovely romantic feel and creates a wow factor for guests as they arrive, and a very fairy-tale look is added to the wedding.

The bride’s bouquet is the most important part of the whole wedding flower package with it being in every photograph.  This is where the peony roses are most commonly spotted.  They are a great focal flower and look beautiful mixed in with some other roses and fillers such as astilbe or bouvardia.  The bridal bouquet should be big on impact and most importantly, should make the bride smile!

Bad Neighbors 2

Saw it on friday, honestly such a funny film! If you like the first one you will for sure love this! Laugh out loud funny! Such a well written and acted film, really good laugh provided you like the inappropriate! Would thoroughly recommend