Sick 2

About a year ago I shared a story about the beginning of my struggle with chronic migraines, well now as I lie in bed with full body muscle pain I feel compelled to write again.

  Just last week the doctor pushed my tablet dosage up to the maximum amount allowed. So much infact that he’s never given it to a patient in one dose so it’s split between morning and night! The first few days I felt fantastic, even spent the first day on this rearranging all the furniture in my room. But this week things have gone a little downhill, the exhaustion i’ve been suffering the last few months has returned and an ache has settled all over me. I’m being tested for a few things but most of the ache and tiredness can be linked to the tablets i’m currently on. 

I don’t always suffer with the headache type pain of a migraine but recently what i’ve been experiencing is the dizziness and ache associated with a migraine, what some people don’t realise is you can have a migraine without the headache, its a whole rush of symptoms. At this point, nearing the end of my university degree, I had hoped to be migraine free, but the next step for me will be a daith piercing! 

I’ve heard many people have it done and have all said it’s been successful in atleast reducing their migraines, next time I’m around belfast i’ll be going for it and hopefully it’ll work!