University is finally completed!! (Provided my results are okay) and on thursday we had our final year show. I got some great feedback on my work and also some criticism which I expected! I studied a slightly touchy subject and so I understand the images are weird and not all that pleasant but that was the aim!!
My topic was Religious Iconography and the sublime, also touching on gothic theory. So I chose to create a range of photographic images which showed edmund burke’s view of the sublime through distorted religious iconography. The colours relate to the gothic and the subject matter creates a sublime spectacle based on research into the work of Madonna and Lady Gaga. They’re odd but they’re unique and I love them 


The Scandal of food prices

I have recently had to go gluten free to try and solve the problem I’ve been having with migraines.  I went to Tesco to buy a selection of gluten free food that I could actually eat and it occurred to me that the food is so much more expensive than regular food.  Gluten is very unhealthy but is present in most food.  To me, it seems that if Gluten free food was cheaper, more people could afford to eat it.  This could lead to a more healthy future generation and could reduce the strain on the NHS.  Is it just me or does that not make sense?

Surely if the government reduced the price of healthy food of all kinds, more people would be encouraged to eat healthy and therefore be healthy, reducing the obesity issue in the UK and reducing the issues with the NHS, therefore making it more successful, seems like it would be a positive knock-on effect.

Just my thoughts!