Jurassic World

This is a tad late and I meant to right it ages ago but kept forgetting to! So… I went to see Jurassic World in the cinema a few days after it’s release and to be honest I was beyond excited.

I love the first film a lot, (the next two slightly less) but none the less I was really desperate to see the new one! Quite often when a film is picked up again the new one can be badly recieved, but as this film was a follow on from the origional series, time lines considered, it worked very well!

I really like that the film recognises the old franchise that took place, (note the use of Jeff Goldblums characters book).

The effects in the film are second to none and the dinosaurs are exceptional, some even slightly terrifying. The actors all do a fantastic job and I honestly would recommend the film! Action, romance, effects and nostalgia! All good qualities to look for!! Also Chris Pratt is reason enough to watch 😉


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