Last week I went to see the new adaptation of Cinderella.  Aside from the fact that I am crying because I will never be a Disney Princess, it is a really good film.  It was much better than  I expected and as a constant sceptic of remakes I was very impressed!! I kind of wished there had been songs and more talk from the animals like the cartoon but this is a slightly more mature and grown up version.

I think that Cate Blanchett was a very convincing evil stepmother and the step sisters were just  the right amount of annoying.  Helena Bonham Carter was wonderful as always, her narration is mesmerising, I honestly could listen to her read a shopping list and not be bored!  Her part in the film visually was a little short for my liking but I would have had her sing Bippity boppity boo too improve that! also would not have made her wear false teeth but thats just me!  Lilly James carried the charachter very well and is just cheesy enough!

Visually it was a festival of colour, lovely to watch and lovely cheery music to coincide with the sunshine of the set.  At the correct times that is.  The film did reach some pretty dark moments but I think they got away with it because the rest of the film was so cheery!

Definitely would recommend anyone to go see it, and I challenge you to not come out smiling!!images (2)


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