So, I went to see Maleficent yesterday and I was impressed! It lived up to my expectations.  I’m not a huge Angie fan but I must say she was incredible! Outstanding performance and totally perfect for the character! I did however have two criticisms, the first was that it should have been a Burton.  I heard he was to be making it and I do think it would have added an extra gothic edge but I do understand why Disney went a different route, I think the film would have been too dark for Disney if it had a Burton twist.  I think that Burton would have turned down the airy-fairy sweetness of it all but I suppose it did still have to fit with the Disney fairytale type.  My other criticism is of the casting of Aurora, while Elle did a god job, to me, Aurora seemed to be the most beautiful, intellectual girl in her kingdom and I felt that she was just too goofy in the part.  But I guess this again was to lighten the film for a younger audience.  I did however, enjoy the odd moments  of light comedy and the visual styling of the film.  The contrast between the two kingdoms was highlighted well in the visual effects and it was a very effective method of communicating the differences in the communities.  All in all, an enjoyable film which I will watch again!hr_Maleficent_25


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