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I have read a link that was shared on facebook about why it is a good idea to date a girl with an eating disorder.  It is so disappointing to read something like that and think that people actually think like that.  An eating disorder is a terrible illness and shouldn’t be trivialised like that! I’m not saying that you should avoid dating someone if they have an eating disorder but you shouldn’t make that the reason you date them.  You can’t date a girl with an eating disorder because she will be a cheap date, I can’t believe that person actually wrote that.  Rant over.


So this weekend my parents were away for their anniversary so I had some friends over, so did my brother! I cleared out the garage and set out chairs and stuff, the dart board and some ice buckets to keep the drinks cold.  The rain stopped so me and my friends decided to move some chairs and stuff into the garden and we started drinking and smoking and having fun out there.  

My brothers friends took the garage and were messing around until someone smashed one of the lights (one of those big tube lights) and so we had to lock up the garage because the glass was literally everywhere.

Two of my friends then said we should have a camp-fire, as I’m petrified, I wasn’t too happy but I was reassured this person used to do that all the time, I agreed.  We started it in a little tin bucket but I remembered we have an incinerator so we made a bigger, warmer fire.  There was plenty of drinks, cigars, laughter and take out food and it was just so much fun we stayed up pretty much all night and watch a couple of films and it waas just the nicest weekend :) 

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Human Barbie #2: Alina Kovalevskaya Says She’s Never Had Plastic Surgery

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Real life Barbies are taking over the world! Valeria Lukyanova and Alina Kovalevskaya have both opted for dramatic looks, altering themselves to appear eerily similar to the doll that girls everywhere have grown up with. But Alina is now claiming that, unlike Valeria, she’s never had a stitch of plastic surgery!

Alina Kovalevskaya, 21, aka Human Barbie #2, is shocking the world with her unique, doll-like appearance, even after our introduction to the original human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, 28. The living doll craze seems to be catching on in Ukraine, the home country of both of these Barbie babes. And while some people are freaked out by the drastic measures these women have taken to attain their doll-like appearances, Alina claims that she’s never undergone plastic surgery. Do YOU believe her, HollywoodLifers?

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Transformers Review

Saw the new Transformers films on Saturday night and I must say It was fantastic! I am not a fan of transformers at all didn’t like what I saw of the other films but I decided to see this one anyway. I was not disappointed. Mark Wahlberg was looking incredible! and all actors were very entertaining to watch and very convincing. The film had enough comedy to lighten the mood of the film but not too much to make it cheesy. The visual effects in the film were spectacular and the choice of fancy cars was phenomenal. I thoroughly recommend.

Review Blended

Just watched Blended, so so funny! Another great comedy, they seem to be everywhere right now! Also pretty big in the romance department! Drew Barrymore looking fantastic as always and Adam Sandler was hilarious! Very funny film, would definitely recommend! 

Review Bad Neighbours

Absolutely hilarious from start to finish! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud so much in the duration of one film.  Highly inappropriate and filled with innuendos and jokes and therefore so, so funny! Zac Efron also looks super hot as does Dave Franco! Great cast, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are hilarious as new parents and they acct so well alongside these two party animal actors.  Very funny and would recommend!